Away from Coronavirus,
Spring is nearly here…

So we maintain our delicious food
And continue with the fabulous beer!

We’ve installed two new hand-dryers in the loos,
Just waiting for you to come and use!

If it isn’t just soap and water you are looking for,
Then you need to come knocking at our door…

Alcohol is the thing that will deter the bug, and fast…
Whether it be in your hand-wash, or at The Plough, in your glass!

Book your table for our Authentic Indian Menu this Saturday 14th March …


Punjabi Samosa
Large Vegetable Samosa.

Achari Murgh
At the heart of this preparation is a combination of 5 Indian spices (mustard seed, fennel seed, cumin seed, nigella seed & fenugreek seed). Combined with the chicken this creates a delicious curry.

Chana Saag
Chana Saag is a classic Indian curry made with chickpeas, lots of spinach, onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and spiced with homemade garam masala.

Masoor Dal
Masoor Dal has an earthly flavour, is healthy and easy to digest and is very palatable. It goes very well when served with Paratha or with Rice. Masoor Dal contains a high level of protein and is rich in antioxidants.


Paratha (North Indian Style)
Parathas are one of the most popular unleavened flat breads in the India. They are the perfect accompaniment to any Indian curry.

Plain Basmati Rice
Boiled rice


Amazing combination of Hot Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent.

2 Courses – £20

🍴🍴 🍴

📞 01327 361606


Book your table for our …

Traditional Four Course Italian Dinner

Friday 20th March 2020



Warm slow roast tomato salad, pine nuts, aged balsamic and Pecorino
Garlic Ciabatta toasts



Tagliolini with prawns, chilli & white wine



Slow roast pork with garlic, rosemary, fennel and thyme. Crispy crackling
Served with a selection of seasoned roasted roots

(The vegetarian dish is an Aubergine and caramelised onion Parmigiana)


Torta Caprese or Sicilian Orange and Polenta cake
with Thick Cream


Duo of Italian cheeses with walnuts and honey



📞 07817 520343


Sunday Lunch

Kim’s  Lamb or Local Beef, with Roasted Potatoes, fresh Vegetables,
Yorkshire Pudding, Creamy Potatoes + Sauces.

Goats Cheese, tomato, thyme, & pesto Tart


Chocolate Brownies
Treacle Tart
Fruit Crumble
Orange & Almond Cake
Vanilla Cheesecake



Daily  Lunch Menu

Home Made Soup with Warm Bread       £5.50

Melty Onion Toasts  (Onions, Thyme & Cheese)      £6.50

Tart Provençal – Goats Cheese, Tomato, Basil & Thyme £6.50

Chilli Con Carne with Warm Crusty Bread  £6.95

Smoked Mackerel Pate with Warm Baguette or Toasted Bread  £6.95

Tartiflette (Potatoes, Robuchon  Cheese, Lardons,Onions & Cream) with Mixed Leaves     £7.50

Blakesley Heath Sausage Casserole with Warm Crusty Bread £7.50

Burnt Aubergine Vegetarian Chilli with warm crusty bread    £6.95


Warm Baguette served with Mixed Leaves, Dressing,Chutney & Crisps.

Bacon & Brie, BLT, Brie with Cranberry,
Beef & Horseradish, Ham, Ham & Cheese.Sausage & Onion
Lamb & mintsauce   £6.95

Cheese & Onion, Cheese.

Treacle Tart, Chocolate Brownies or Orange & Almond Cake £5.50


To Book, please call:

01327 361606

07866 789737

07817 520343

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